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The future of fitness and wellness on
the blockchain

disa is a web3 app with SocialFi and GameFi elements, where members move-to-earn financial rewards. Our mission is to inspire everyone to live healthier lives.

For instructors, disa presents a novel way to interact with their followings. Devoted fans benefit from investment while instructors benefit from capital.


Global community in web3 reimagining the modern fitness and wellness club 

Step away from your normal life and discover an
unparalleled fitness and wellness retreat where
the activities, treatments, and facilities combine
to optimize your body and wellbeing.

Fit Residency is not just a fitness studio. Come here to discover a wellness philosophy which aims to both energize and balance you. Explore our spa and delve into our wellness programs to discover which treatments or programs will suit you best.

Designed to create a tranquil and comforting environment, our soothing interiors set a new benchmark when it comes to fitness clubs. We work with top club management and health club designers to source properties worthy of a premiere wellness experience.

Along the way, we’re building a passionate community, delivering exclusive member benefits, and having fun.

Tokenised community-driven funding platform for entertainment


NFTs with investor-style perks to fund the production of films and original series content. We have several projects in various stages of development with plans to grow our portfolio for years to come.


We will develop and produce entertainment in partnership with the biggest brands and platforms in the world including Netflix, HBO, Disney+ and Apple+.

Our first production, Fitmess, is about pilates instructor Dash, who gets pulled into a dizzying world of superficial socialites and influencer culture when a fitness celebrity takes over the studio where she works.

The Fitmess NFT collection of 100 utility-enabled NFTs features a diverse and unique set of rarity-powered traits. Each Fitmess NFT unlocks private club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them. 

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